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Several topics are listed below. These conferences and presentations are designed to help churches, families, and individuals recognize the power of praying in connection with the authority of Jesus.

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The Power of Praying Together

Why is corporate prayer strategic to God’s power in the church? What is the fastest growing sin in the church and how can we stop it?

The Vine and the Church

How can we allow Christ to build His church and still maintain responsible leadership?  What are the seven stewardships of ongoing revival?

Prayer Priorities

How to pray strength for the inner-man when the outer-man is weak?—keeping the prayer meeting out of the graveyard. 

Subtle Substitutes for Jesus

How a church can stay madly in love with Jesus.  What is first love?  What are the first works?

Praying Scripture

Learn how to pray with authority by using scripture passages.  Learn how to always pray in Jesus’ name in the will of God.

Re-Jesus Your Marriage

How to release the life of Jesus into your relationship in marriage?  Learn to communicate below the surface. 

First-Generation Christians

How can I lead my children to experience the power and presence of Jesus?