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The purpose of Paradigm One is to encourage and equip pastors, churches and families to practice leadership and united prayer under the active headship of Christ (Matthew 16:18).  This paradigm assumes the philosophy that only what is done under Christ’s authority will bring glory to God (Matthew 28:18).  So our ministry is all about Jesus. 


What can P1 do for Pastors?

Leadership: It is possible to allow Christ to build His church and still maintain responsible leadership


What can P1 do for Churches?

The Church: God’s new community in whom He chooses to dwell and through whom He chooses to work


What is the ministry’s purpose?

Prayer: Praying with Jesus Christ obviously present and actively in charge is the spinal cord between Christ (the Head) and the Church (His body)


Who is Pastor Joe Humrichous?


Who/what is Paradigm 1?


What resources do we have?

Connect with the ministry at our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. If you are a Pastor or Church Leader, We would love to speak with you, pray with you, and connect you to our or other resources that may be a help.

Paradigm One wants to help you re-discover the original biblical design for church growth and leadership. 

We hope to help you by offering these resources:

Through the application of these timeless truths, we are watching churches and families grow and change. This paradigm is timeless, not trendy. Praying with Jesus obviously present and actively in charge is more than just good advice; it is good news!