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In this video you will learn about our mission and vision here at Paradigm One. Christ in You, The Hope of Glory.

My Father's House

My Father’s House

Posted: March 3, 2022

No matter the challenges in ministry, remember—everything is all right in my Father’s house. By faith, go there and have joy.

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Live by Faith

Live by Faith

Posted: February 23, 2022

When God can’t be understood, He can be embraced by faith. Pastors and church leaders must live by faith in order to shepherd others into faithful living.

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Holy Spirit Inside Minister

Inner Strength from the Holy Spirit

Posted: February 17, 2022

Many circumstances call for an inner strength that the Holy Spirit provides. Pastors should look for and tend to this inner need in his congregation.

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Why Should I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

Why Should I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit Daily?

Posted: February 10, 2022

Why should the believer be filled with the Holy Spirit? Because the control of the Holy Spirit directly affects every major area of life.

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Holy Spirit and Transformation

The Holy Spirit and Transformation

Posted: February 3, 2022

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ with us and within us that changes lives. Preaching without the Spirit may move lives but won’t change them.

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Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit: The Promise of the Father

Posted: January 17, 2022

When intimacy with Jesus is nurtured among the flock by the pastor, the Holy Spirit makes theology a life-giving reality in their lives.

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Heavenly Father and the Pastor

The Heavenly Father and the Pastor

Posted: November 27, 2021

Every pastor needs the good heavenly Father while he is preaching, making disciples, and feeding the sheep, and every pastor has One.

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Holy Spirit is our Helper

The Holy Spirit in Life and Ministry

Posted: November 8, 2021

You don’t have to bear the responsibility of life, ministry, and church on your own. The Father has given the promise, the Holy Spirit, for this reason.

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The Prophet

Posted: June 28, 2021

Prophets are vital to God’s work as the Vinedresser with Jesus as the greatest Prophet. Prophets today reiterate the truth that has been revealed in God’s Word.

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Fruit Bearing

Fruit Bearing

Posted: May 23, 2021

God prunes His vineyard so that it may produce fruit. Pruning is challenging, but the fruit bearing it brings helps us reflect more of the Christ life in us.

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