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My Father’s House

My Father's House

Psalm 11:4—The Lord is in His holy temple, the Lord’s throne is in heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men.

Habakkuk 2:20—But the Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the earth keep silence before Him.

Psalm 46:10a—Be still, and know that I am God…

These verses remind me of the children’s song many of us have sung reassuringly through the years.

Everything’s all right in my Father’s house, in my Father’s House, in my Father’s house. Everything’s all right in my Father’s house where there’s joy, joy, joy.

When I sang it as a child, I liked it because of its melody and because it made me think affectionately of my dad and mom, and the fun, food, warmth, and safety of my house on the farm. Now as a senior adult, I like it even more. I still like the tune, but I have come to know the deeper meaning and the brighter hope of my heavenly Father’s house.

His eyes behold us, and they test us. He is on a transcendent throne yet has a sovereign sway over the affairs of mankind. Wisely, His eminence provides a divine scrutiny for our lives and ministry. He knows we have a lot to learn, and He knows the scope and sequence of our character curriculum. This all calls for trials and tests. None of us can assert our independence from Him, so we must be silent, humbly submit, and worship in the light of His character.

In my ministry I started as a “doer.” I hit the ground running. After a few years, I was introduced to the idea of being a “be-er”. That is the idea of living for Christ and serving Christ out of the resources of Christ. Truly, that was life changing. Now, as I round the corner heading down the home stretch, I am learning how to celebrate the character of God in the days of prosperity and the days of adversity. Somehow difficulties in life and ministry become more precious than gold when we come helpless and speechless and worship before our glorious Father-Husbandman.

This reality came home to me when Don Godfrey visited our home in 1986. Don was a brilliant businessman, very wealthy, and, by his own admission, a “strong and right” deacon in his local church when God met him in revival. A number of out-of-control circumstances unraveled his imaginary empire. After facing those trials and meeting God in revival, Don said that he was no longer “strong and right” but rather weak and victorious! He stayed in our home when he came to speak in our church. We would all sit around the table to listen to his fascinating stories of faith.

During his stay with us, our family received news from the bank that we were going to have to sell our family farm. My dad had died, interest rates had sky-rocketed, and the margin of profit was almost nothing. This was very hard for our family. My grandparents had owned it since 1892; my mom loved my dad and the farm. Now, she was losing both. My brother was doing all he could to make things work. But ultimately, we had to shut “er” down. What a heartache!

Don was with us during all this commotion, and one day he said to me, “Joe, everything is all right. Don’t say it will be all right. It is all right—in our Father’s house.” I’ve never forgotten his encouragement. So dear pastor, whatever you may be facing in your ministry, just remember—everything is all right in our Father’s house. By faith, let us go there and have joy, joy, joy!

The following poem by Mike Hohenstein captures it well.

There is a place where all is well
Where Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwell.
The glories of, no tongue can tell
Rest in that place where all is well.

The prayer of the Son; “Those who believe in Me”
That they may be one, My glory see.”
Love from the Father, as for His Son
Poured out by the Spirit, our hope now becomes.

The Father’s delight; our adoption as sons
The Body of Christ, the Savior enthrones.
That Body, a Temple the Spirit doth fill
All to make perfect His ultimate will.

The heart of the Godhead
Calls you and me
“Be one in Us”
Divine Unity.

There is a place where all is well
Where Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwell.
The glories of, no tongue can tell
Rest in that place where all is well.
No looking back to drift away
There’s only wilderness to lead astray.
Come boldly to the throne of grace
His flesh a new and living Way.

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