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Divine Intersection

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Have you ever been reading Scripture and gotten your tongue wrapped around a word so severely that you couldn’t pronounce that word correctly for all the proverbial tea in China? It happened to a friend of mine recently. She stumbled over the word intercession in Romans 8:34 where it says, “Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.” My friend read that Christ Jesus was making intersection for us. I am a word lover, so I immediately began to examine how that slight mispronunciation could be appropriated in the verse. It took several steps to discover what I think is a beautiful picture of God’s grace in the lives of His children.

I think of spiritual intersection as the point where my need is divinely intersected by His grace. The cross of Calvary, where Jesus paid the price for the sins of mankind, is the ultimate intersection.

After that intersection of grace comes an interception where God, again in His mercy, intercepts the direction of my life and reverses its course.

I am versed enough in the game of football to know that an interception awards the football to the opposing team, taking it from the team that had the ball before the interception, thus reversing the direction of play. Similarly, when God makes an interception in my life, He takes control and reverses the direction, the course, of my life.

Next, Romans 8:34 comes into play. Jesus, seated at the right hand of the Father, intercedes for me. Such intercession, such intervention, is His entreaty to God the Father, on my behalf for my ultimate good.

Finally, in answer to my prayers, God interacts in my life, blessing me with not only necessities but also with the desires of my heart. This interaction is the result of His intersection, interception, and intercession. What a wonderful spiritual progression!

The prefix “inter” means “in the midst of.” It is a blessing to know that God, through Jesus and through the Holy Spirit, is actively in the midst of the life every believer as He intersections, intercepts, intercedes, and interacts.

Marsha Wilkinson

Mrs. Wilkinson is a retired special education teacher still involved in private tutoring. She facilitates GriefShare sessions in local churches where she relies on her personal experience of having lost a daughter and a husband to death.

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